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    While you’re here, we’d like to share a little knowledge. “Biodegradable” is a general term that can apply to almost anything. According to the Federal Trade Commission, this term can only be used to market a product if there is scientific evidence that a product will completely decompose into elements found in nature in a reasonable amount of time.

    Because our compostable products require the conditions of a commercial composting facility to break down properly, use of terms like “biodegradable” could mislead consumers into thinking the product will break down in a landfill or out in nature when this is not true. Additionally, the state of California prohibits the use of this term on plastic products such as ours (even if they are compostable).

    If you’re looking for packaging that breaks down in a composting facility in a reasonable amount of time and doesn’t leave behind anything toxic for plants, be sure to look for the term “compostable.” We have this website because many consumers don’t understand the difference between “biodegradable” and “compostable.” Now you do. Congrats! And happy shopping for compostable products (and more) at

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