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8 - 10 oz Compostable Plastic Lid

Small EcoLid® Soup Container Lid
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Our compostable EcoLid® is made from renewable materials and is fully compostable. This flat Soup Cup Lid fits 8 oz. soup cups perfectly.

Case 1000
Price: $104.24
Sale: $88.60
Save: 15%
Pack 50
Price: $7.49
Sale: $6.37
Save: 15%

The 8 oz compostable plastic lid is used with our 8 oz compostable container.
  • Fits 8 - 10 oz. World Art Soup Containers

  • Biodegradable and compostable when composted in a commercial composting facility.

    Visit to locate a facility near you or check with your local waste hauler for composting options. Not recommended for backyard composting.
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