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Ingeo™ can become brittle when frozen, so we don’t recommend putting these products in the freezer.

Sugarcane is heat tolerant like paper and can even be put in the microwave or the freezer. As with paper, extremely hot food might cause sugarcane to lose some of its strength, but it is one of the best compostable food service materials that can handle hot temperatures.

Lined sugarcane products will hold liquids well and is grease and cut resistant. Unlined sugarcane works great too, but like paper, it may be more likely to loose strength when used with very hot foods or liquids.

We do not recommend that sugarcane be used in ovens. Sugarcane fiber is heat tolerant like paper and is both microwave and freezer safe. However, as with paper, it will begin to lose some of its strength when in contact with extremely hot items or in the oven.

Paper and Sugarcane products can go in the freezer, although they are not airtight, so freshness and freezer burn can become issues if left there for too long.

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