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The following disclosure agreement is designed to protect your rights as well as the interests of Eco-Products, Inc. Accepting the terms of the agreement establishes the legal basis for Eco-Products to review a submitted idea. You will not be required to disclose any confidential information, and we will not ask for descriptions that are not already part of the public domain.

By accepting this disclosure agreement, I represent and warrant that I have the authority to disclose information under the conditions of this Agreement. As used below, "the Company" means ECO-PRODUCTS, INC. and any company affiliated with it. I acknowledge that the Company has not solicited this submission which I make voluntarily. I agree that no confidential relationship is established or implied by the Company's acceptance or evaluation of the submitted material, and that the Company shall have the right to retain any such material. The Company shall not be obligated to specify the reasons for any decision it makes regarding the idea or to reveal any past or present activities that relate to the idea. Negotiating or offering to purchase an idea shall in no way obligate the Company nor be deemed an admission of the novelty, priority, originality, or value of the idea. I represent and warrant to the Company that, except as noted herein, the material disclosed is wholly original to me; that I am the sole owner or represent the sole owner of the idea and of all material submitted with this agreement; that no interest in or to this idea has been granted to or acquired by others; that I have full authority to make the disclosure and to execute this Agreement.

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