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Sugarcane/Bamboo Plates
Sugarcane/Bamboo Plates
Our new Dahlia™ plates are made from a blend of sugarcane and bamboo and are perfect for your next dinner party. The natural color and smooth finish add a touch of uniqueness to your tabletop. And because they are renewable and compostable, you can feel better your impact on the environment.
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  • Made from 100% renewable and reclaimed resources
  • Made with sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource
  • For use with hot or cold foods, and microwave and freezer safe
  • Embossed to show off handy features like pull tabs, perforated flaps, cutlery nooks and sauce caddies
  • Molded, spill resistant corner flaps
  • Engineered stackability
  • Freezer safe

Sugarcane/Bamboo Plates

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Dahlia 6in plate

Dahlia™ Sugarcane & Bamboo Plates--6in

Our sugarcane/bamboo 6in plate is fully compostable. Nice earthy color.
Case 1000
Price: $188.87
Sale: $160.54
Save: 15%
  Pack 50
Price: $14.17
Sale: $12.04
Save: 15%
Dahlia 9in plate

Dahlia™ Sugarcane & Bamboo Plates--9in

Try our strong and attractive sugarcane/bamboo plates at your next event.
Case 400
Price: $141.16
Sale: $119.99
Save: 15%
  Pack 50
Price: $26.47
Sale: $22.50
Save: 15%
Dahlia 12oz Bowl

Dahlia™ Sugarcane & Bamboo Bowls--12oz

Dahlia sugarcane/bamboo bowls are durable and will serve you well at your next party.
Case 800
Price: $135.37
Sale: $115.06
Save: 15%
  Pack 50
Price: $12.09
Sale: $10.28
Save: 15%
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